Connecting To Spirit Through Community

Michelle Bee | 6 minute read

Connecting To Spirit Through Community

Michelle Bee | 6 minute read

“Let nothing and nobody break your spirit. Let the unity in the community remain intact.” – Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Jr.

Your spirit is the nonphysical part of your essence.  It is the seat of inspiration, emotions and character. In our community, we have a collective spirit: a shared sense of inspiration, resilience, and love. We remind one another of our brother and sisterhood. When we are together in spirit, we draw from each other, and it makes us all stronger. 

A broken spirit means that as a result of a blow, shock, or strain, you have lost hope. Life is cold when you no longer believe things can change for the better. We have all experienced these moments. This is the time to reach out and reconnect to your community. 

The spiritual purpose of a community is to remind us of who we are when we have forgotten.  When you begin to feel isolated from your sense of community, you can start to lose hope and feel alone in your difficulties.  This is a sign that you are losing your connection with the spirit of your community.

COVID-19 has dismantled the powerful spaces that have traditionally served as sources of strength. Our houses of worship, barbershops, beauty salons, family gatherings, weddings, and funerals have all been denied to us. We have lost the opportunity to come together to express hope, find inspiration, create connections, mourn loss, and seek support. This is an onslaught on everything that has traditionally kept us hopeful and empowered.

We are social beings and belonging to one another in community is how we make it through life. To thrive, we need a feeling of fellowship with those who share common attitudes, beliefs, and goals.

This moment is inviting us to have a Renaissance of Relationship: a shift that uses tech for non-transactional connectivity. We must make a conscious effort to gather in new ways.  These times call for us to be deeply intentional about keeping each other lifted up and healthy.

We need to plug into our power source to keep our hearts and minds tuned into something bigger than ourselves. Communing is a spiritual act: a way for us to share and witness each other. Sharing your intimate thoughts, feelings, and experiences will allow you to know that you are not alone and remember that someone has your back.

We can feel a sense of deep fellowship from a conversation, a prayer, a glance of acknowledgment, or a virtual gathering with people who share our hopes, struggles, and values.  

There are people out there who need you to check in on them.  On the flip side, there are people who want to hear from you and know you are well. Let this truth infuse your spirit with life and joy.  Know that people in your community, including your ancestral community (if this resonates with you), are wishing you well.  They are waiting with open arms to embrace you into remembering who you are to them and to the world.

Know That:
1. You are part of a community
2. We are here to remind
3. You are not alone

Power Proclamations:
These power proclamations are designed to keep you encouraged. You may say them out loud or quietly to yourself. The more frequently you say them, the more power you will experience. This power is not to change other people, but to change yourself. Try setting aside some quiet time each day to reflect and proclaim what you want in life.

I have a powerful spirit.

I know who I am.

My spirit is strong.

There is unity in my community.

I embrace my community.

My community loves and supports me.

I surround myself with people who wish me well.

My community is as powerful as my investment in it.

There are people who want to hear from me and I reach out to them.

Here are a few exercises you can explore to improve your connection to your communities.

1. List your communities. Where have you found people who share your attitudes, interests, and goals?
2. Make a list of things you can do when your spirit feels broken.
3. Make a list of all the people who wish you well.

If you are in need of support as you consider how to improve your sense of community, we invite you to receive a free wellness call. During your conversation, a Henry Health provider will walk you through a 15-minute exercise to explore ways to improve your wellness during this difficult time. 

About the Author

Michelle Bee is the Director of Content at Henry Health.


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