DC HOPE Community Grant Awarded to Run Hope Work to Expand Mental Health Support for Young Adults

Press Release – July 15, 2020

DC HOPE Community Grant Awarded to Run Hope Work to Expand Mental Health Support for Young Adults

Press Release – July 15, 2020


The Mayor’s Office of Community Affairs awarded a grant to Run Hope Work (RHW), a DC-based nonprofit, to implement community social distancing engagement and public health awareness outreach efforts for residents impacted by COVID-19.

RHW supports young adults from underserved communities in Wards 7 and 8 by providing mental, physical, and vocational training through a structured program. The DC HOPE Community Grant will enable RHW to partner with a local teletherapy provider, Henry Health, to incorporate online therapy and wellness workshops into its fall program.

Data released by the CDC in June revealed the startling impact of COVID-19 on mental health. Rates of depression and anxiety symptoms have more than tripled since the pandemic hit. Even before COVID-19, Black residents in the District were more than two times as likely to report 15 to 30 days of poor mental health compared to residents of other races.

The grant from the Mayor’s Office will provide participants enrolled in RHW free access to individual therapy, group counseling, and wellness workshops. All services will be delivered online using a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform.

“The new mental health services we are offering will give our program participants the tools they need to process stress and trauma in healthy ways,” said RHW founder Jose-Ortiz Gaud.

Henry Health therapists are trained in a proprietary, evidence-based technique that improves cultural humility and responsiveness, which is proven to improve mental health outcomes among patients from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds.

“National data show that Black individuals are shouldering the greatest burden of depression and anxiety right now,” said Henry Health Founder and CEO, Kevin Dedner. “It is essential for culturally intentional support to be provided to help people manage stress during these unprecedented times.”

“We are excited to partner with Henry Health. We believe that their teletherapy services will complement our program’s dedication to improving the mental resilience of participants,” said RHW founder Jose-Ortiz Gaud.

About Run Hope Work

RHW was founded in 2014 to provide a pathway out of poverty for underserved DC young adults aged 18-24. RHW utilizes a holistic approach that combines physical,and vocational training to promote overall well-being and empower youth for long-term employment.

RHW develops physical and mental well-being through structured running, deliberate meditation, and work-readiness classes to obtain trade certifications. RHW participants receive stipends during the six-month program along with professional mentoring and daily programming. Upon graduation, RHW participants earn job placement and ongoing employment support.

To learn more about RHW, please visit www.runhopework.org.

About Henry Health

Henry Health is the leading provider of culturally intentional mental health services. Based in Washington, DC, Henry Health exists to ensure that individuals can show up whole, operate with joy, and live with power. If your organization is interested in partnering with Henry Health, please visit our partnership page or reach out to us at partners@henry-health.com.


We exist to ensure people can show up whole, operate with joy, and live with power.

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