Washington, DC—Henry Health, Inc., the digital healthcare startup behind Henry, an app designed to offer self-care support and mental health services to black men, announced today it has been selected to join StartUp Health’s global network and portfolio of health innovation companies.  

“We’re convinced now more than ever StartUp Health is an ideal fit for us,” said Kevin Dedner, founder and CEO, Henry Health. “By developing a creative digital platform to provide culturally sensitive mental health services and self-care support for Black men, we believe that we will not only raise awareness, but improve the quality of life for our target market.”

“It’s very exciting to welcome Kevin Dedner, Oliver Sims and Shawn Scott to the global army of Health Transformers,” said Polina Hanin, Director of StartUp Health Academy. “The Mental Health & Happiness Moonshot bears a lot of stigma, which is even more prevalent in the African-American male community, as it has been shown they suffer in silence from ongoing stress and trauma. We are excited to support Henry Health’s team on this important mission.”

Henry has an ambitious goal of adding ten years to the life expectancy of black men. It does so by offering culturally sensitive tele-therapy and support for users to make better lifestyle decisions, such as diet, physical activity, goal setting, and stress management.

About Henry Health:

Henry Health is a technology start-up, app and digital platform that provides self-care support and mental health services to black men. Learn more by visiting henry-health.com.

About StartUp Health:

In 2011, StartUp Health introduced a new model for transforming health by investing in a global army of coachable entrepreneurs who are committed to achieving health moonshots. With the world’s largest digital health portfolio (more than 240 companies spanning six continents, 20 countries, and 70+ cities), StartUp Health is mobilizing this rapidly growing army along with the world’s ‘batteries included’ leaders, innovators, and investors to achieve 10 Health Moonshots, with a 25-year mission to improve the health and wellbeing of everyone in the world.

Founded by Steven Krein and Unity Stoakes, StartUp Health is chaired by former Time Warner CEO Jerry Levin. Notable strategic partners and investors include Allianz, Aurora Health Care, Bayer, California Health Care Foundation, Steve Case, Mark Cuban, Esther Dyson, Brad Feld, Genentech, GE Ventures, GuideWell, Kaiser Permanente Ventures, Masimo Corporation, Ping An, SAP, and SeventySix Capital.

Learn more about how to join the movement and support Health Transformers at startuphealth.com.