In The Media

Hurdle in the media.

In The Media

Hurdle in the media.

Podcasts and Interviews

Founders Unfound: Henry Health, Digital Mental Health Through a Cultural Lens, featuring Kevin Dedner
Yumlish: COVID-19, Diabetes and Mental Health, featuring Dr. Tony Spann
Startup Health Festival: TV Studio, featuring Kevin Dedner and Jeff Johnson
Married Men Don't Talk Podcast, featuring Dr. Tony Spann
Start Within w/ Coach Colette, featuring Kevin Dedner
Startup Health Moonshot Showcase, featuring Kevin Dedner
Mental Matters Podcast
Sphinx Radio - Alpha Phi Alpha Radio

Media Articles

Addressing the Racial Disparities in COVID-19
Atem Life: Real Wellness Conversations, featuring Kevin Dedner
Startup Health: A Legacy of Longevity, featuring Kevin Dedner
Rethink: Behavioral Health Innovation, featuring Kevin Dedner
Diversity in Action Magazine
January/February, 2019

Modern Folk Heroes

Startup Health Magazine
NBC 4 - Washington DC
Medium - Craig DeLarge
Black Enterprise, featuring Kevin Dedner


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