Our Approach

“Every person deserves to have their culture honored, especially in therapy.”

-Kevin Dedner, Founder & CEO

Our Approach

“Every person deserves to have their culture honored, especially in therapy.” -Kevin Dedner, Founder & CEO

Culture First

At Hurdle, we value the diverse culture of the world. Using proven methods, our therapists place your culture and life experiences at the center of your therapy.

With our therapists, you can be assured that your narrative will not only be heard and acknowledged, but also put in perspective to understand your experiences. Your culture will always be honored.

Evidence Based

Our therapists complete the Hurdle Cultural Responsiveness Training, which equips them with the skills needed to effectively address issues of race, ethnicity, class, and culture.

Hurdle uses a scientifically validated tool to measure cultural responsiveness and then provide education and coaching to improve the cultural humility of therapists. Research shows that therapists whose patients perceive them as having cultural humility deliver improved therapy outcomes.

Building On Best Practices

The Hurdle Cultural Responsiveness Training is layered over clinical best practices including cognitive behavioral therapy and trauma-informed care.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy is a widely used therapeutic technique that has lasting impact on mental health outcomes.  Trauma-Informed Care ensures that you have access to a safe space to examine, process, and transcend trauma.

Community Focus

Community is essential to our wellbeing. Hurdle is a community that promotes self-mastery. We encourage dialogue between people with shared interests, challenges, and cultural backgrounds. Our community is a sacred place where people can come together and access culturally intentional content and self-mastery tools.

What People Are Saying

“There are things that we all experience no matter where we’re from, but there’s a kind of layer of filter on top of it…for people of color and people of African descent especially. I think she understood that. We discussed that and we talked about the impact.”

Jeremiah, 39

“[The training] has improved my practice as a therapist overall. It puts in my mindset that it’s okay to ask the questions, to bring up the subjects, and to wait for the response.”

Naomi, 42

Hurdle Therapist

“The approach Hurdle takes makes sure that we are not only addressing whatever is on our brains, but also making sure it goes full circle. It gives me a holistic [understanding] of secondary trauma that may be impacting me.”

Leo, 27

Quotes are from actual clients and/or therapists. Names have been changed to protect their identity.

Our Commitment

No matter who you are, we are here to help. We are committed to ensuring you have the support you need to become the healthiest version of yourself. We will give you the professional support and the tools you need to show up whole, operate with joy, and live with power.


We exist to ensure people can show up whole, operate with joy, and live with power.

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