So We’re Left With Our Emotions: Now What?

Donzell Lampkins | 3 minute read

So We’re Left With Our Emotions: Now What?

Donzell Lampkins | 3 minute read

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has stopped many of us in our tracks. With many public spaces closed, events canceled, and work and school being remote, our lives have slowed down tremendously. 

Now is the time to be reflective about how we’re feeling.

Many of us are good at focusing on and addressing the needs of others while neglecting our own needs. We’re good at minimizing our experiences and blaming ourselves for things that could never be our fault. We walk around with inappropriate guilt and unforgiveness, denying ourselves our deepest desires.

Our busy lives served as the perfect reason for us to delay our healing. But COVID-19 has put a halt to our steps. So now what? 

What is the thing that you’ve been putting off? 

What’s that pain that you’ve buried? 

How did you get so far away from your passions? 

When did you lose yourself?

When did you decide that you were unworthy of better?

Addressing these difficult questions will not be easy, but it will be well worth it. The best way to begin your healing is by permitting yourself to heal. We deprive ourselves of our needs because we feel unworthy. 

The beautiful thing about healing is that it’s unmerited. Your healing isn’t based upon how good of a person you are, how well-liked you are, or your attractiveness. It isn’t based on your ability, race, class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, or political affiliation. 

Healing is based on humanity. Healing is the most essential human right.

Embracing healing as a human right liberates you to seek professional help. There may be some hesitation in seeking mental health treatment, which is normal. Having a conversation with a therapist before your appointment may help reduce your fear or hesitation.  

COVID-19 has left us all with our emotions: let’s address them, together.

About the Author

Donzell Lampkins MSW, LISW is a licensed mental health therapist who writes about life, love, health, and mental health topics.


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