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Henry Health is a fast growing, pre-seed stage tech startup. Our summer fellowship is designed to maximize exposure and contributions to our day-to-day operations. You will grapple with the toughest problems we are facing, dive into 10-12 weeks of exciting projects, and be a part of bringing our shared vision to life.

About the position.

The specific scope of the summer fellowship will be crafted based on your skills and interests, as well as our roadmap during the fellowship period. The workstreams below are examples of the type of work we would expect a Fellow-level candidate to be able to own, with support from our C-suite team.

  • DMV Market Launch. In mid-year we will publicly launch in DC, Maryland, and Virginia through the “Reclaim Our Strength” Tour. This tour aims to bring together speakers, artists, musicians, employers, community organizations and leaders who want to start a conversation about untreated mental health disorders and unmanaged stress for black men. If you are passionate about marketing, a social media guru, have connections to thought leaders we should involve, and/or get excited about thinking about powerful messaging and campaigns – this could be a dope project for you.
  • US Market Expansion Strategy. Current legislation dictates that therapists must provide services is the jurisdictions where they are licensed, even if that therapy is being provided remotely via teletherapy. Because of this it’s critical that we have an expansion strategy beyond the DC, Maryland, and VA areas. If you are an ex-consultant, get excited about triangulating demographic data with competitive insights and market mapping – this project sounds right up your alley.
  • Provider Operations & Community. We aspire to build the same supportive and engaged community for our therapists as we do for our members. But community-building is hard work and requires engaging content, thoughtful moderation, and supportive processes. If you are an Ops person but a community organizer at heart or you’re deeply frustrated by the isolation that you see many clinicians experience – join our team to help us build a better way forward.


  • Education: accepted or enrolled in a Master’s degree program, such as an MBA, MPH, MPP, or MPA
  • OR with 3-5 years of professional experience, in transition between roles, curiously considering applying to Master’s programs and in the meantime looking for a 3-6 month immersive experience

Required Skills:

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Team-oriented and energetic individual.
  • Results and delivery-oriented, with unrelenting dedication to quality.
  • Dependable, responsible, and mature individual.
  • Possess a pleasant personality and excellent communication skills.
  • Able to take initiative and navigate ambiguity well in an agile and fast-paced environment.

Preference for:

  • Candidates who demonstrate a deep commitment to the problems we are solving, ideally founded in their own lived experiences with mental health, stigma, race, toxic stress, or access to care
  • Candidates who are willing to invest 5-10 hrs per week prior to the start of the Summer Fellowship in the spring semester, and/or open to extending 5-10 hrs per week during the fall semester

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer

Location: Preference for candidates located in or willing to relocate to Washington, DC

Language: English (Required)

Work authorization: United States (Required)

How to apply

Please submit your resume to admin@ along with responses to the following questions:

Why are you interested in working with Henry Health? (max 100 words)

What unique perspective or skill set will you bring to our team? (max 100 words)

Describe something you are hoping to learn during the fellowship experience.  (max 100 words)


If you have other summer offers pending or anticipated decision deadlines, please mention those dates in your cover email. We will review applications on a rolling basis.

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